Anne Hathaway Speaks Out Against Cosmetic Surgery

by VR Sreeraman on Aug 11 2008 12:19 PM

Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway has voiced her opinion against the growing rate of plastic surgery amongst actors - insisting film stars need flaws to express emotion.

The ‘ Princess Diaries’ actress has spoken out against actors who alter their faces with plastic surgery to enhance their looks.

The actress emphasizes on the fact that flaws are an important aspect to express emotions.

The star, who is the face of beauty giant ‘Lancome’, revealed that she once considered nose job and she was pretty insecure about her looks, but later she learnt to be happy with her flaws.

"I wanted a nose job, but now, my nose is what lets me change my face a lot - and I can be glamorous as Agent 99 (in Get Smart), then look rough as a drug addict for (director) Jonathan Demme (in forthcoming movie Rachel Getting Married),” Contactmusic quoted Hathaway, as saying.

"Your face needs to have character if you''re an actor - otherwise you''re just a face," she added.