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Dr Duru Shah

Director, Gynaecworld
Dr Duru Shah, Director of Gynaecworld, Center for Assisted Reproduction & Women’s health. Panel Consultant – Breach Candy Hospital, Jaslok Hospital, Global Hospital and Hinduja Healthcare

Effects of Tobacco on Women’s Reproductive Health: Hear It From a Renowned Gynaecologist

  • Smoking and non-smoking forms of tobacco have adverse effects on women's reproductive health.
  • It can lead to infertility and miscarriage.
  • Quitting tobacco can reduce low birth weight, preterm birth, and premature breakage of the amniotic sac.
Tobacco claims the lives of about 9,81,100 people every year in India, yet more than  1,20,00,0000 adults and 25,42,000 children continue to use tobacco in various forms every day. Even with all the awareness campaigns sweeping the country, the people have been turning deaf ears to the messages.

Recently, in a cutting-edge article, Dr. Duru Shah exposed the harmful effects of tobacco on women's reproductive health. She had also explained the dangers of exposures to tobacco during pregnancy. Below is our in-depth interview with Dr.Duru Shah on tobacco and women's reproductive health. ...

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