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provides hope for HIV patients
This latest film by Bhushan Gaur will hopefully break these myths and misconceptions, allowing people with HIV to lead a more respectable life. This is not the first assignment for Bhushan, who has worked on many films and documentaries over the past 10 years and is armed with a period of study at the New York Film Institute.

'There Will Be Tomorrow' - A Film on Hope for HIV Patients

  • 'There Will Be Tomorrow'- a film aimed at raising awareness about HIV
  • Director Bhushan Gaur provides hope for HIV patients
  • 'Two million people are infected with HIV and they're not aware about it' - Bhushan Gaur
A film by director Bhushan Gaur titled "There will be tomorrow" hopes to break the shackles surrounding HIV and liberate people affected by the disease, instilling in them hope and a sense of purpose.

HIV Statistics:
  • 2006 National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) showed a decline in HIV numbers in states like Tamil Nadu but an increase in prevalence in certain Northern and North-Eastern States.
  • In 2013, according to NACO, the adult prevalence of HIV (in %) in TamilNadu was 0.28 and in Maharashtra 0.42 while in Nagaland it was 0.73 and in Manipur 1.22.
"There are 36.9 million people living with HIV globally, 17.1 do not know they have the virus. The HIV epidemic not only affects the health of individuals, it impacts households, communities, and the development and economic growth of nations. Science has given many hopes to the HIV patients. One of them is they can have uninfected babies." - Director Bhushan Gaur ...

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