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Jacqui Greene Haas

Professional Ballet Dancer
Jacqui Greene Haas is a former professional ballet dancer with several dance schools including Boston Ballet, Southern Ballet Theatre, Tampa Ballet, New Orleans Ballet, and Cincinnati Ballet. She has been the athletic trainer for Cincinnati Ballet since 1989 and is currently the supervisor of performing arts medicine at Mercy Health Orthopedics and Sports Rehabilitation in Cincinnati. Jacqui's successful outreach program includes working closely with numerous local dance studios, teaching injury prevention and providing screenings and dance conditioning workshops.

Understand Dance Injuries Through Dance Anatomy - Exclusive Interview with Jacqui G. Haas

  • Dance Anatomy by Jacqui Greene Haas published by Human Kinetics as part of the 'Anatomy' series gears up for its second edition.
  • The book is based on dance medicine aimed to promote dance conditioning and anatomy and injury prevention education.
  • The second edition releases with additional advanced exercises and two new chapters including injury prevention and brain basics.
Dance is one of the most graceful art forms where you silently express yourself through body movements more so when it is combined with music. Dance expression and movements transcend borders, languages and cultures in a way that is universally understood. Various popular dance forms include classical, folk, hip hop, ballet, contemporary, freestyle, Latin, Bollywood, Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kathakali and Kuchipudi to name a few.

The two main aspects of dance include expression of emotions and body movements. The body movements can be energetic and quick and require the body to be fit and muscles to be well toned. No wonder Albert Einstein called dancers 'the athletes of God.' Dancers like athletes are prone to repeated injuries to their muscles, ligaments and stress fractures. Currently dance routines are even more popular as they not only keep a person physically fit but are also proving to be a great stress buster. ...

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