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Dr. Gopi Chellan

Podiatry Consultant
Dr. Gopi Chellan, Diabetic Foot & Podiatry Consultant works at Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad. He works towards managing diabetic foot wound and lower limb complications due to diabetes.

Diabetic Foot Ulcers can be Life-threatening - Interview With a Podiatrist

  • Diabetic foot ulcer is the devastating complication of diabetes which is associated with neuropathy
  • Self-examination and proper foot care may prevent diabetic foot ulcer and thus reduce the risk of amputation
  • Dr. Gopi Chellan, Podiatric surgeon, spoke to Medindia about diabetic foot ulcer and the care to be taken to prevent complications
Diabetic foot ulcer is one of the most dreaded complications arising out of diabetes. The foot ulcer may start small, but if good care is not taken, it might even lead to leg amputation. According to World Health Organization every 16 seconds, a lower limb is amputated due to diabetes. India and China have the highest number of diabetic patients and this adds to the increased burden of diabetic foot complications.

Dr. Gopi Chellan, Podiatry Consultant, Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad, spoke to Medindia about diabetic foot ulcer and the care to be taken for preventing complications....

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