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Kevin Dai

Owner of Benjamin Agriculture Biotechnology Ltd
Kevin Dai, Owner of Benjamin Agriculture Biotechnology Ltd, has 3 big snake farms at different locations in China.

How to Make a Million Dollars Selling Snake Products? Expert Q & A

Kevin Dai looks mighty pleased as he holds aloft some of his precious snakes so I can get a closer glimpse. "Precious" yes. Snakes, scorpions and spiders from his farms take him smiling all the way to the bank. Kevin Dai is dangerously rich!

Owner of Benjamin Agriculture Biotechnology Ltd, Kevin Dai has 3 big snake farms at different locations in China. In an interesting chat with Medindia's reporter, he shared how snake farming is lucrative business - locally he sells snake meat for food, snake skin to make traditional Chinese musical instruments and other snake products for use in Chinese medicine. His company exports 'snake venom dry powder' 'scorpion venom dry powder' and 'spider venom dry powder' to countries like Korea, Australia and the US. ...

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