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Mr. Sathyanarayanan

Secretary, Hemophilia Society, Chennai Chapter
I am a 47 year old person with Hemophilia. During my school days, I used to get admitted in CMC, Vellore for treatment. It was very painful. After my education I joined a publication company. In the year 1998, I came across Hemophilia Society - Madras Chapter. It was a turning point and I learnt more about the disorder and understood the various needs of the hemophilia community. Beginning as a volunteer, I went on to become the Secretary and the Key-Person of the Chapter and Executive Committee Member of Hemophilia Federation (India).

World Hemophilia Day 2017- Exclusive Interview With Mr. Sathyanarayanan

  • The World Hemophilia Day 2017 is observed on April 17th. This year's theme is "hear their voices".
  • Every year, popular landmarks and historical buildings are lit it up red to mark this day.
  • Mr. Sathyanarayanan, Secretary of the Hemophilia Society- Madras Chapter, talks about ways to manage hemophilia, incidence and treatment available in an exclusive interview with Medindia.
The World Hemophilia Day 2017 is celebrated to raise awareness about hemophilia, a bleeding disorder. A small nick in the finger while cutting vegetables may be a very minor incident for many people, however it can be tragic for a person affected with hemophilia. This is a genetic disorder that is characterized by the absence of the clotting factor in the blood, which leads to uncontrolled bleeding in the event of an injury or cut.

This condition is normally inherited from the parents but about one-third of the patients are afflicted due to a spontaneous mutation. ...

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