• 20,000 people in the world die daily due to cancer

• 1 in 8 deaths that occur in the world is due to cancer

• Cancer deaths outnumber deaths due to AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria combined

• 12 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed by the end of 2007

• Cancer death toll will be 7.6 million by end of 2007

• Cancers of the Lung, Prostate and Stomach are the most commonly diagnosed cancers in men

• Cancers of the Breast, Cervix and Colon are the most commonly diagnosed cancers in women

• Relative risk of developing breast cancer is doubled if there is a history of a first degree relative having the cancer.

• Pap smear for cervical cancer is the single best cancer screening procedure

• Lifetime risk of an American man developing an invasive cancer is 45%

• Relative risk of a smoker developing lung cancer is 23 times higher than that of a non-smoker.

• Tobacco use is the major preventable cause of cancer in the world.

• In developing countries more deaths occur due to diarrheal disease than due to cancer.

• Heart disease is still the no.1 Killer in the world.

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Dannien, United States

inject cancer cells' digesting chemicals to get entire cancer out from surrounding cells. like an HCL type drug? disssolve cancer cells by injection. not digging out, but like when freezing samples. dann van central valley ca.

Zuhura43, Kenya

Iam a 43 yr old woman and my sister passed on in2008 due to throat cancer eversince I have been worried everytime I get tonsils or any infection.PLEASE ADVICE.

Alice_m, United States

Brother-in-law with diagnosed prostate cancer took green tea, soy "nuts" and vit. D3 while waiting for surgery which never happened since cancer disappreared. Cancer still gone 5 yrs+


The pap smear is one of the best test for finding cellular abnormalities and reduces the risk . But it is not the only test since there are test to identify the presence of virus even before there is any cell abnormalities.Hence pap test along with HPV test gives a 100% sensitivity. Hence please mention about the other test also.The HPV test is approved by US FDA and it helps the patient to be followed and the cervical cancer can be cured completely if identified in the earlier stages.

Bob, United States

Very interesting facts indeed. Prostate cancer is very common in men and is second most cancer in men after lung cancer. Howeever it does not necessary lethal in most men as most of the time it is slow growing. The word cancer always incites fear. but amoong all cancer I would rather have prostate cancer than lung or stomach cancer. Some skin cancers also do not spread (eg basla cell cancer); so before getting worried one should always check the fact sheet on the cancer.