Anabolic Steroids - Frequently asked Questions

Q: If I am suffering from ‘Anabolic Steroids’ side–effects which type of doctor should I consult?

A: You should consult a Physician or an endocrinologist.


Q: Are anabolic drugs addictive?

A: Yes. Evidence says that they are addictive.

Q: How do these anabolic steroid drugs influence behavior?

A: These drugs increase irritability and aggression in the users who even indulge in physical fighting and other acts of aggression.

Q: What are the methods to treat steroid abuse?

A: Antidepressant, analgesics and behavior therapy are some of the treatment methods involved. In some cases more intense treatment and hospitalization may be required.

Q: How can steroid abuse be prevented?

A: This can be done by educating youngsters in an unbiased way by presenting to them the risks and the benefits of steroid use and also by teaching them to focus on alternative legitimate methods, such as proper training and nutrition, to achieve their desired goals.