Natural Antibiotics to Fight Bacterial Infections


Bacterial and viral infections are very common in all age groups and ethnicity, especially during the winter seasons that bring on common cold and seasonal flu. In most places it is customary to take the sick person to the hospital hoping to get the doctor to prescribe antibiotics. The common belief is that only consuming antibiotics can help get rid of the infections. What can an antibiotic do for viral infections?

Prolonged use of antibiotics over time causes antibiotics resistance in humans. Building up of natural immunity from within is the best way of fighting infections. Only by creating natural immunity from infections by the intake of natural foodstuff that have medicinal value and by limiting the use of antibiotics for every small cold or flu that sets in can we hope to live a healthy life.

Natural Antibiotics

Here are some remedies naturally available that one can consume in order to boost immunity and help in prevention of various diseases. These include:

  • Honey
  • Echinacea
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Green tea
  • Rose water
  • Grape seed extract


Honey is a well-known ingredient that has natural healing properties. It is highly useful when taken orally or when applied to sores or wounds directly. Honey has the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria. It is also useful in the treatment of stomach ulcers as it soothes the stomach lining when taken regularly and also boosts the immunity from within.

Natural Antibiotics Honey


It is a plant extract that is believed to boost the immune system and fight against bacterial and viral infections. Research has shown that consuming this extract every few weeks can safe guard the system from contracting common cold and flu. It is believed to boost the white blood cells to fight all infections.

Natural Antibiotics Echinacea


No cooking in Asia is complete without the addition of onion. Ever wondered what is so special about onion? It has as its main ingredient, sulphur that acts as an antibiotic. It is an effective expectorant to bring out phlegm from the congested lungs. Many are in the habit of adding onions to salads on a regular basis that helps them gain this natural bacteria-fighting property. Onions are also useful as for their anti inflammatory property as well as to improve circulation.

Natural Antibiotics Onions


Garlic the key ingredient to add taste to food has time and again proved to be of varied therapeutic uses. It is the oldest known therapeutic spice available to humankind. The chemical that is present in garlic that gives its taste and smell is known as allicin, which also has medicinal properties hidden in it. It is thought to help reduce cholesterol levels in blood and burn fat when taken on an empty stomach thereby reducing weight and blood pressure too. Recent studies have shown that it is more useful in treating food poisoning in the juice form.

Natural Antibiotics Garlic

Green Tea

Many are now aware of the importance of consuming green tea on a daily basis. This is because of the high antioxidant property present in green tea that helps to cleanse the body of the free radicals that can cause damage and sickness. This may not directly have an antibiotic property, but it is proven to make the antibiotic work efficiently, thereby improving the mechanism of action of the antibiotics.

Natural Antibiotics Green Tea

Rose Water

How could a cosmetic used traditionally in Asia to cleanse the face, act as an anti bacterial agent? Yes, it does. The remains of distilled rose oil are the rose water. This is used not just as a topical application but also to flavor ice creams, cakes and also as a fragrance-enhancing agent. Its oldest property was as a wound-cleansing agent, applied directly to sores and burns, not just to waive off the infection but also to speed up the recovery. It prevents the entry of bacteria onto the open wounds.

Natural Antibiotics Rose Water

Grape Seed Extract

Grapes in the ripe form are so delicious and nutritious. More is the effect present in the grape seeds that when extracted and made into edible forms like tablets or syrups or food item, gives a kick to the immune system and boosts the immune functions of the body. It is filled with anti oxidants, which help to remove the disease causing free radicals from the blood stream thereby enhancing the health and beauty of the individual. They have antibiotic properties that help to protect the individual from within.


Once addicted to a routine of consuming these foods, a person will gradually develop resistance to infections with considerable improvement in the overall quality of life. There have been no cases that have so far been reported of being resistant to natural antibiotics. So go ahead and give a kick-start for the natural immune boosters – the “Natural Antibiotics”.

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