Measles | Rubeola - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which doctor should I consult for the treatment of measles disease?

A: You can consult any of these doctors for the treatment of measles - infectious disease specialist, pediatrician, general physician or preventive medicine specialist.


Q: Do only children contract measles infection?

A: No, teenagers and adults who are not vaccinated or who have not contracted this disease before are also very much vulnerable to get infected to this virus.

Q: What type of vaccine is MMR?

A: Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine contains live, weakened strains of the measles, mumps, and rubella viruses.

Q: Can someone be infected with measles twice?

A: No. A single infection makes the patient immune to the disease lifelong.

Q: Is measles the same as German measles?

A: No, the virus that causes measles or rubeola is different from the one that causes German measles or rubella. German measles is particularly dangerous if contracted during pregnancy, since it can cause fetal malformations.

Q: How effective is this vaccine?

A: The first dose of MMR produces immunity to measles and rubella in 90% to 95% of recipients. The second dose of MMR is intended to produce immunity in those who did not respond to the first dose, but a very small percentage of people may not be protected even after a second dose.