Bedwetting / Enuresis

Bedwetting / Enuresis - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult if my child has the habit of bed wetting?

You can go to a pediatrician or a pediatric urologist.

2. When should I seek medical help for my child?

You should seek medical help if the child continues bedwetting even after 5-7 years of age.

3. Is bedwetting sometimes caused if the child is witness to abuse within the home?

No. Bedwetting is not caused by witnessing abuse at home. The problem is that the children sleep too deep or incorrectly.

4. Is there a correlation between urination and high protein diet?

No. A High protein intake can cause metabolic problems that could cause a child to wet more or less but does not cause bedwetting.

5. What is the role of parents?

Common bedwetting is not a mental or learning problem, and punishing your child will never provide a solution. In fact, a child who is punished for wetting the bed can develop emotional problems which may make the bedwetting problem more intense. Accusing or threatening the child could make the child’s condition worse. Every child is different and most children outgrow bedwetting. Parents should be helpful for supportive treatments to be effective.

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