Side effect(s) of Acetazolamide

Review the side-effects of Acetazolamide as documented in medical literature. The term "side effects" refers to unintended effects that can occur as a result of taking the medication. In majority of the instances these side-effects are mild and easily tolerable, however sometimes they can be more severe and can be detrimental.

If the side effects are not tolerable adjusting the dosage or switching to a different medication can help to manage or overcome side effects. If you have any doubts or questions, we recommend seeking advice from your doctor or pharmacist.

   Most Common
- Numbness and tingling in the fingers and toes, tiredness, loss of appetite,dry mouth, headache, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain.

  Central Nervous System
- Occasional instances of drowsiness and confusion, and seizures.

- Taste alterations (parageusia) especially for carbonated drinks, sore throat, ringing in the ear, and Some may also experience blurred vision but this usually disappears shortly after discontinuing the medication.

- Blood in stool/urine, dark urine, painful urination and excessive passage of urination.

- Liver impairment, increases the risk of kidney stones, metabolic acidosis, increased thirst, and electrolyte imbalance.

- Hives, unusual bleeding or bruising and photosensitivity.

Other Precautions :

Avoid excess dosage.

Drug Name : Acetazolamide

Acetazolamide is prescribed to treat excess fluid accumulation due to congestive heart failure. It is also used to treat glaucoma or increased pressure in the eye, seizures or epilepsy, mountain sickness, periodic paralysis or muscle weakness, and to reduce the increased pressure in areas surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

Trade Names for Acetazolamide

India :

International :

Abzole, Acetamide Tab, Acetamin Tab, Acetariv Tab, Avva Sr-Cap, Avva Tab, Diamox Tab, Iopar-Sr Cap, Synomax Tab, Zolamide Tab
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