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Fluphenazine : Interaction with Food, Herbs, Alcohol and Caffeine

Interaction of Fluphenazine with Food, Herbs, Alcohol and Caffeine - For your own safety It is important to understand and avoid the drug-food interaction and how to take the medication. Drug-food interaction can sometimes cause side effects and can even reduce the efficacy of the drug.

Fluphenazine Interactions with Food and Herbs

Apple juice: Do not take fluphenazine with apple juice as apple juice can interact with this drug.

Fluphenazine Interactions with Alcohol

Alcohol should not be taken with fluphenazine since severe and complex side effects may occur.

Fluphenazine Interactions with Caffeine

Fluphenazine interacts with food items that contain caffeine like tea, coffee and cola drinks. Avoid consuming such products while taking this medicine.

How to Take the Medication -

Fluphenazine comes in the form of a tablet and an oral liquid (elixir and concentrate) to take by mouth. Usually, you may take it 2-3 times in a day with food or on an empty stomach. Don't allow the liquid to touch your skin as it causes irritation. Dilute the concentrate using water, carbonated orange beverage, milk, pineapple, apricot, prune, orange, tomato, or grapefruit juice just before taking the drug. Follow all the instructions as directed.

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