Basketful of summer

Summertime heat takes its toll on appearances, but you can be proactive. Here's a list of just 10 essentials items, that if kept in your bag all summer long, will keep you looking good all day long.

Beat the heat survival kit:

1. A Sunscreen enriched with Vitamin E and an SPF-15. Hot sun can lead to dry skin. Consistent application of a moisturizer keeps your body and face looking silky smooth.
2. Comb or a brush, hair spray, and hair clips. The heat, wind and humidity, make it impossible to maintain a hairstyle all day long. These tools allow you to “re-adjust” as the day progresses.
3. Sun glasses: You might not realize how often your eyes are exposed to the sun. When you are out in the sun always wear your sun glasses.
4. Bandages: They've come along way since they were simply something used to protect a wound. Use them to prevent yourself from getting a blister in those new sandals, or to cover a broken or chipped nail. Because of the heat, you’ll want to choose a bandage that is breathable and comfortable (not plastic), and something that is sheer in colour so as to not draw attention to the area.
5. Wet napkins: If you have an oily skin, or if you have to go for an appointment, you can just use this to dampen your face which will make you look fresh all day.
6. Lint sheets: Especially for pet owners, animal hair really stands out on clothes in the bright sun. Portable lint Sheets fit easily into any purse.
7. Lip balm: Make sure it contains SPF.
8. Bottle of chilled water: A must in the summertime to keep you hydrated and to chill off.
9. Breath-freshener and dental floss. Gum or mints, especially if you cannot brush your teeth after lunch. And always do a double check in the mirror with some dental floss; you never want to get caught with something stuck between your teeth!
10. A hat or a cap with a broad brim to protect yourself from the hot sun. So guys, carry the heat survival kit and chill off!!!
Have a great summer!!!
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