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Now that summer is upon us, skin protection should be foremost in our minds. Summer is typically a time when our outdoor activities increase, raising our risk for overexposure to the sun. Often taken for granted, the skin is a vital organ whose presence and integrity is essential to health, and to life itself. Your skin protects your body from injury, infection, heat and light. The skin also regulates our body temperatures and stores water, fat and vitamin D. Good skin reflects good health.

In summer months, especially for people with oily skins, sweat and oil secretions are more, and it makes the skin look dull, greasy and dirty. Skin care should be an essential part of of everyone's daily activity.

One special vitamin to protect your body from harmful side effects, like those of sunbathing, is Vitamin E. Vitamin E is also called the 'vitamin of beauty' because it catalyzes a lot of chemical reactions in your body that improve the condition of your skin.

The form of vitamin E makes the difference between getting the full benefit and getting little or no benefit. This is a great pity because skin health is one of the top reasons why people use vitamin E! Not only for slowing down its aging but also for helping prevent some skin cancers!

Vitamin E is in the tropical sun your skin may be seriously damaged due to UV-radiation. Therefore you should protect your skin with a good sunscreen lotion with SPF-> than 15 that filters UV-radiation with special sun filters and also should contain Vitamin E in a high concentration.

Vitamin E does not work immediately after application on the skin because it has to penetrate through the skin to reach the deeper layers of the epidermis. This means that you should start to use a pure Vitamin E product daily 15-20 minutes before exposure to the sun

Vitamin E is also a powerful antioxidant. Knowing that free radicals are responsible for the aging process and many diseases, it is a wise idea to add vitamin E to your daily diet.

Vitamin E is beneficial for all skin types especially dry, sensitive, chapped and problem skin and stretch marks. Skin is classified as normal, sensitive, dry, oily, acneic, blemished, dehydrated, asphyxiated or confused.

What Vitamin E does for the skin...
  • Moisturizes the skin.
  • Promotes wound healing.
  • Protects against environmental factors.
  • Helps to relief skin redness after sun exposure.
  • Prevents age spots.
Have a great summer!!!
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