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Blood Donation Due Date Calculator

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Are you a blood donor? If yes, use our online calculator to find out when you can donate blood again. Remember that approx 80 million units of blood are donated each year. One unit of blood can save many lives.

. Blood Donation Due Date Calculator
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Note: Three to Four months time between donations is a very safe interval.

Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions about Blood Donation

Who can donate?
You should be in good general health and have no previous history of hepatitis or HIV/AIDS. You should be normally 18 years of age to donate with a hemoglobin of 13.8 gm/dL for male and 12.1 gm/dL for female.

Can I donate if I am less than 18 years of age?
If you are younger and wish to donate under special circumstances you should seek permission from your parents and speak to the doctor.

Is there a minimum body weight that is required for blood donation?
Yes. Your weight should be atleast 110 pounds or 50 kg.

What is the normal safe time interval between blood donations?
Normally it is about 56 days for whole blood donation. In men the recommended time period is 3 months and in women 4 months.


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