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Calculate Ideal Height and Weight for Children

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height and weight calculator for children

is a useful tool to find the ideal height and weight of children according to their age and gender. This information helps parents in making an assessment about the growth pattern and development of their child. Find out if your child's height and weight are within the ideal range and norms for their age. The first five years of a child's life are important not only for their physical growth but also for the growth of their nervous system and brain, and lay the foundation for their future development, learning, achievement and long term happiness.

. Ideal Height and Weight for Children

Key in essential details like sex, age, ethnicity, height and weight of the child to get the results.

Select Your Details
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Age *
Enter Your Child's Height*   cm   (or) 
Feet    Inches
Enter Your Child's Weight*  
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Exercises to Grow Taller

At times some children simply seem to stop growing, which becomes a major concern for them and their parents. There are some exercises, which, when done properly show amazing results, as they encourage growth and increase in height.

Interesting Facts About Child's Height and Weight:

  • By the age of 8 to 9 a child attains 75% of their adult height. It is important to keep track of the growth of your child. Early detection of an anomaly can help parents in taking corrective measures.
  • Usually by the age of 18, a child's height is double of their height when they are 2 years old.
  • Normally babies triple their birth-weight by the end of their first year.

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Posted by:  PINTUHATWAL, India  Posted on: 3/12/2014
sir, My age is 20 year and Height is 167cm. I want to increase my Height. What can I do?
Posted by:  heaven99, Indonesia  Posted on: 1/17/2014
hi iam 14 male, weight 53kg and height 5 ft 5 inch[164cm]iam from indonesia. please reply!!
Posted by:  amifat, United Kingdom  Posted on: 1/11/2014
hi iam 15 male and weigh 10stone 5 and 5foot 7 is this good or bad as i want to gainw eight but need to no if this is alright
Posted by:  RatedPUNK, United Kingdom  Posted on: 12/23/2013
Hi I am a boy that is 10 years old.I'm 4.8 feet [143 cm] and 51 kilo's (112 pounds) am I over weight? P.S Please relpiy
Posted by:  cjg211, United Kingdom  Posted on: 12/10/2013
hi i am a girl and i am 7stone and 4ft 7inches i need to know if this is normal
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