Uses Of Radiation

  • Examination of Baggage in Airports
  • Industrial Use
  • Medical Use:
  • What all can be detected with X-rays?

Examination of Baggage in Airports :

The use of X-rays in airports to examine for the presence of dangerous weapons or bombs is a routine practice. The cargo is also examined similarly for illegal transit of goods.

Industrial Use:

X-rays reveal structural information about the material through which it passes or falls over. It can therefore be used to detect structural deficits or cracks in metal objects that are likely to be missed by the human eye. It is also used to reveal stress related changes in building materials for bridges and aircrafts.

Medical Use:

X-rays are widely used in medicine to reveal the architecture of the bone and other soft tissues and to find out any abnormality in the form of fracture, growth of tumor etc. It is also used in dental imaging.

In addition, as a variation of the radiological technique, suitable agents called as contrast agents can be either injected or swallowed to obtain specific information about a particular organ. As the name suggests, the main function of the contrast agent is to increase the visualization of a particular organ where the agent is concentrated, to highlight any abnormality that is usually not visible by ordinary X-ray.

What all can be detected with X-rays?

  • Detection of abnormalities of the skeletal system (Fractures, bone defects like spina bifida, abnormal calcification)
  • Detection of soft tissue abnormalities

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