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Article Reviewed by Dietitian julia samuel, M.Phil on Jun 30, 2018

Diet for Blood Group O

According to the study done by Dr. D’Adamo, people with blood type O have high stomach acidity. It means their digestive power is high and they can consume and easily digest animal protein. They are not compatible with gluten present in wheat and wheat products. Consumption of dairy products results in weight gain. Some proteins present in legumes such as lentils and kidney beans reduce muscle activity. Vegetables rich in vitamin K help in maintaining good health for type O.

The following tips will help people with blood group O select food type for their diet:

  • Include Foods in daily diet:
  • Rice and products
  • Meat, mutton, beef, Marcel
  • Olive oil / flax seeds / flax seed oil, pumpkin seeds, walnut
  • Azuki beans, pinto beans, all other beans except kidney and lentil
  • Green vegetables / lettuce / broccoli / tomato (in restriction), chicory, garlic, kale, pumpkin, pepper, turnip
  • Plums / prunes/ figs
  • Avoid Foods in daily diet:
  • Butter/ soy milk /
  • Milk and milk products
  • Corn oil / sunflower oil / peanut oil
  • Cashew nut / peanut/ poppy seeds
  • Wheat and wheat products
  • Eggplant / potato / alfalfa sprouts
  • Mushroom / fermented olives
  • Avocado / melon / cantaloupe / coconut
  • Type O people are more prone to diabetes, obesity, and thyroid problems.
  • Exercise regularly and be physically active to maintain healthy body and mind.
  • Try to have clarity in planning things. Make daily / weekly / monthly plan to achieve your goals.
Diet for Blood Group O


100100 Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My daughter having A positive and her husband having B positive.Is there any health issues for their children?

dimples108 Sunday, December 26, 2010

it ws nyc reading this article but,i realised that some food that re considered bad 4 my blood group [type o]ends up being nutritious generally and if i stop eatin them,i might end up nt eatin anytin considerin my geographical location(nigeria).

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