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Trans Fat Essentials

In order to stay away from the deadly trans fats, check the food label for words namely "shortenings", "partially hydrogenated fat", "hydrogenated vegetable oil"

Some of the ways to reduce trans fat intake are -

  • Completely avoid the use of vanaspati in kitchen.
  • Check the food label for words namely “shortenings”, “partially hydrogenated fat”, “hydrogenated vegetable oil”.
  • Say NO to foods containing margarine or vanaspati.
  • When frying at home, do not heat the oil for too long.
  • Do not repeatedly reheat oil or reuse the same for frying.
  • Avoid instant foods or ready to eat mixes as they may have trans fats.
  • Avoid consuming processed and baked foods like cookies, pastries, chips, patty, puffs as they are bound to contain high amounts of trans and saturated fats.
  • Avoid frequent consumption of commercially fried foods like pakora, allo chaat, samosa, bhatura, kachori or preferably prepare them at home.
  • Choose lean cuts of meat.


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