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Medindia's Doctor Directory has information on 3648 Diabetes specialist (also called Diabetologist) from India. A diabetes specialist is concerned with the diagnosis, and treatment of diabetes and diabetes-related diseases that affect the nerve, kidney, eyes, foot, skin and hearing that affect patients.

The information displayed is to help you locate specialist for Diabetes nearest to where you live. The listed information includes contact details like address, phone numbers, emails, contact person and directions to the clinic or hospital. Certain information is not displayed in view of privacy issues but is available only if you are the patient of the doctor or seek an appointment with them.

If you are not listed as a registered Diabetologist on Medindia's list, please register to get on the list.
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dr. Abhishtita aluru

Diabetology bangalore


dr. Nitin ambade

Diabetology thane


dr. Mahesh b umbarje

Diabetology mumbai


dr. Ashutosh ajgaonkar

Diabetology thane


dr. Ajit bhurke

Diabetology mumbai


dr. Javed zari

Diabetology mumbai


dr. Brijesh tripathi

Diabetology gurgaon


dr. Manjusha yetalkar

Diabetology gurgaon


dr. Shimbi srivastava

Diabetology gurgaon


dr. Milap patel

Diabetology ahmedabad

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Dr. Sugandh Garg


Dr. Sugandh Garg

MBBS, MD, Clinical Diabetes

18 years experience

Komal Kumar


Komal Kumar

16 years experience

Speciality : Nutrition, Diabetology

Dr. Balaji Jaganmohan


Dr. Balaji Jaganmohan


19 years experience

Dr. Dinesh Kacha


Dr. Dinesh Kacha


32 years experience


dr. Jitin

Diabetology gurgaon


dr. Praveen jha

Diabetology gurgaon


dr. Rajtarangini kumar

Diabetology noida


dr. Rajtarangini kumar

Diabetology noida


dr. Amit ray

Diabetology noida


dr. Anoop arora

Diabetology noida


dr. Gargi mila sinha

Diabetology kolkata


dr. Prachi patil

Diabetology yashoda, belgaum


dr. Garv garg

Diabetology jalandhar


dr. Anup khosla

Diabetology kolkata


dr. N r bhattacharya

Diabetology kolkata


dr. P k mukherjee

Diabetology diagnose4u, siliguri


dr. Syamala moparthi

Diabetology visakhapatnam


dr. Manochithra narasimha

Diabetology hyderabad


dr. Sriram gopu

Diabetology chennai

Frequently Asked Questions

The diabetologist looks after patients who suffer from diabetes and has had special training in all aspects of diabetes. Diabetes numbers have grown significantly in the past decade and hence it is important to have a specialist who can diagnose and treat the condition and give patients adequate quality time.

The diabetologist besides looking after patients with diabetes also coordinates with other care givers like diabetic educators, dietitian, nurses, podiatrist, ophthalmologist, and nephrologist (Kidney physicians) in order to educate, treat, refer and monitor a diabetic patient. Treatment usually involves medications, administered either orally or through insulin injections.

Endocrinologist diagnose, treat, and manage disorders of the endocrine glands and their associated hormones like thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and pituitary gland. A diabetologist may also be an endocrinologist but they specialize in and focus on the detection and treatment of diabetes mellitus alone.

There are three main types of diabetes. They are type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes.

  • Type 1 diabetes is caused by an auto immune reaction which stops the body from making insulin.
  • Type 2 diabetes develops when the body is not able to use or secrete insulin, which regulates blood sugar.
  • Gestational diabetes usually develops in pregnant women without a prior history of being diabetic. It mostly goes away after the baby is born.

Pre-diabetic condition is a health condition where the blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes. This is a warning stage and adequate lifestyle changes should be practiced to postpone the onset of diabetes.

The three main signs of diabetes are frequent and excessive urination, excess thirst, and a tendency to eat more.

You can find the best diabetologists near you by using the "Search diabetologist by pincode" or "Search diabetologist by city" feature provided by Medindia. Medindia has a repository of premium Diabetology doctors who have subscribed to its virtual clinic for tele-consultations or physical consults. These are all verified doctors and are available with their contact number, address, location, education, experience, language known, available time for appointments, their total years of experience and many more details.

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