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Medindia's Healthcare Directory has information on 154 Family Physician from India. A Family Physician is a medical doctor who provides preventive and obstetrics care and prescribes medicine for children and adults.

The information displayed here is to help you locate Family Physician nearest to where you live. Contact details like address, phone numbers, Emails, contact person and directions to the hospital or clinic are included. Addressing privacy issues, certain information is made available only if you are a patient of the doctor or seek an appointment with them. If you are not listed as a registered Family Physician on Medindia’s list, please register to get on the list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Family medicine (FM) is a clinical medical specialty which is devoted to the comprehensive health care for people of all ages and provides continuing and comprehensive health care for the individual and family across all ages, genders, diseases, and parts of the body.

A family physician is a doctor who has received at least three years of specialty training (beyond medical school) in the broad disciplines of primary care. These include in-depth coverage of adult and pediatric medicine, preventive care, and obstetrics care.

Family medicine doctors provide care to all patients, irrespective of their age. General practice is similar to urgent care or a general health clinic. General practitioners offer general medical services to patients of all ages but do not typically specialize in a particular area.

General and preventive care, care of chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, COPD, and depression, care of urgent or emergency conditions like cough/cold/flu/sore throat, ear infections, minor injuries, postpartum depression, skin problems, sports injuries, sprains/bumps/bruises, urinary tract infections, and allergies.

The goal of a family physician is to provide the best care possible for their patients by preventing complications and keeping them as active and as healthy as possible. If there is a need for specialized medical treatment, your family physician can refer you to an appropriate specialist.

A consultation with a family physician would cost around Rs. 600–1000 in India and USD 150–500 abroad.

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