Last Updated on Jan 22, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult to rule out PDD?

You should consult a psychiatrist

2. What are the conditions (comorbid) that occur along with PDD to complicate diagnosis?

Anxiety disorders, major depression, personality disorders, substance abuse complicate the diagnosis of PDD.

3. What is the difference between early-onset and late-onset PDD?

Early-onset PDD patients are associated with more hospitalizations, greater chances of relapse, and more depression-associated conditions.

4. What is double depression?

Double depression is when an individual with PDD often succumbs to episodes of major depression.

5. Is dysthymic disorder a disability?

Dysthymic disorder is a persistent or chronic condition and is associated with elevated risk of suicide, functional disabilities and presence of associated diseases.(comorbid). With suitable timely and maintenance treatment, the condition can be controlled.

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