World's Smallest Pacemaker to be Launched in Europe, Does Not Require Cardiac Leads

by Julia Samuel on Apr 15 2015 12:36 PM

Micra pacemaker, the world’s smallest pacemaker developed by Medtronic landed the CE Mark of approval and is soon to be introduced in Europe. It can be implanted through the transfemoral route, completely inside the heart and it does not need or use cardiac leads.
Dr. Philippe Ritter, cardiologist at Hôpital Cardiologique de Haut Lévêque and Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) Bordeaux said, "Unlike traditional pacemakers, the Micra TPS does not require leads or a surgical ’pocket’ under the skin, so potential sources of complications are eliminated - as are any visible signs of the device."

The chances of complications are more when a chest pocket for the pacemaker is created. Micra, does not need a pacemaker pocket. The device and the heart are attached directly using tines with the electrode at the tip delivering the pacing signals.

The Micra TPS has an estimated 10-year battery life despite its miniaturized size and is approved for full body MRI scans, providing patients with access to the most advanced imaging diagnostic procedures.

Based on results from the first 60 patients in the Medtronic Micra TPS Global Clinical Trial the device was awarded CE Mark. The trial is still ongoing and will continue to evaluate the safety of the device.


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