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World's Heaviest Woman Loses Half Her Weight in India
Eman Ahmed Abd-El Aty,the world's heaviest woman from Egypt lost over 50 per cent weight after undergoing treatment in India. She has left India for further treatment in Abu Dhabi.

A special 12 km corridor was created by the Mumbai Police from Saifee Hospital on Charni Hospital to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Hospital. This is usually done to facilitate the movement of live organs for transplant.

Hospital officials, including bariatric surgeon Muffadal Lakdawala and Maharashtra Health Minister Deepak Sawant were present to give Eman and her sister Shaaima Selim a warm send-off.

They were scheduled to fly out at around 4.30 p.m. by Egypt Air but it was delayed by over two hours and departed at 6.50 pm, an airport official said.

During her 83-day stay in India, once weighing around 500 kg, Eman managed to steadily lose kilos and left the country weighing 171 kg on Thursday.

After her long and successful treatment in Mumbai, since February 11, she will now be treated at Abu Dhabi's VPS Healthcare, said Lakdawala.

As Eman was wheeled out in a special imported wheelbed, a large crowd of onlookers and media jostled to click photos and videos.

"We are very thankful to the people of India and to the doctors who treated Eman. I respect all the countrymen here and the doctors," said Shaaima in brief comments to the media.

Appearing very different compared to her arrival in a cargo aircraft from Alexandria and then hoisted on a crane to go to Saifee Hospital, the 37-year old Eman looked relaxed though a tad bewildered by all the attention.

During the latter part of the treatment, a row erupted with Shaaima and the Saifee Hospital authorities levelling allegations against each other. But it finally ended amicably with Eman's departure.

During the early days of her treatment, Eman shed a remarkable 100 kg through a strict protein-rich liquid diet.

Doctors say Eman may need several more surgeries to set right her hips and knees as her bones have remained unused for so many years -- and to help her walk normally again.

Source: IANS

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