What Men and Women Tweet About?

by Savitha C Muppala on Mar 15 2013 11:55 PM

 What Men and Women Tweet About?
Ever given a thought as to how the genders use their twitter accounts?
In the days of social media networking, micro blogging and increased online presence, how genders use the service is a matter of great interest.

A survey conducted recently of 1,000 British Twitter accounts showed how differently men and women use the service.

Firstly, women love to tweet about personal matters. Men, on the contrary, prefer to give their views on news and sports matters. On an average, women tweet around 15 times per day while men do so about nine times.

If there is a competition online, many women are more likely to join. If it is something to complain about, men win hands down in tweeting their cribs.

It is interesting to observe how gender differences are evident even in simple tweets.


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