Having Good Friends and a Social Life can Enrich Old Age

by Savitha C Muppala on Mar 16 2013 12:09 AM

 Having Good Friends and a Social Life can Enrich Old Age
As age catches up, it is not surprising to see people get grumpy and annoyed with their life. Aging and getting weak does bring with it a host of physiological and emotional problems.
But this general tendency to be unhappy in the twilight years can be reversed if people invest in good friends and have a good social life.

The ones who have true friends and spend quality time with them are far more happier in their twilight years than they were during the younger days.

People who give great importance to friendship admit to leading happier lives. Infact, the older we get the more we value friendships.

The ONS survey of happiness found that the number of people who valued friendships in the teenage years was much less as compared to the value old people over the age of 70 attached to friendships.

It is evident that in old age it is not the material possessions that really matter, but it is friendships which are a source of joy and happiness.


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