US Brewery Launches Beer-Flavoured Lip Balm

by Nancy Needhima on Mar 11 2012 9:10 PM

US Brewery Launches Beer-Flavoured Lip Balm
A recent plunge into cosmetic s by a Californian brewery has resulted in the creation of a hops and mint-flavoured lip gloss.
The website for the popular Sierra Nevada Brewing Co says that hops is added to the brews to give them their 'fragrant bouquet and spicy flavour'.

According to Racked, the moisturiser costs 1 dollar, the Daily Mail reported.

The mountain brewery may be on to something - hops has been found to have beneficial effects on hair and skin, an attribute that is partly down to its antibiotic nature.

The craft brewery has been brewing annual and seasonal beers since 1980 and enjoys a firm following among beer drinkers.

The balm joins its famous range of Pale Ale, Kellerweis and Stout beers.