The Traits of a Typical Brit Decoded: Soaps, Queues, Booze, Weather News

by Hannah Punitha on Nov 12 2008 7:26 PM

They enjoy talking about the weather, getting drunk, moaning, are great at queuing and addicted to TV soaps - these are the traits of typical Britons.

That's what a new survey conducted by, a global research company, suggests.

The study found that when Brits are not watching soaps, getting drunk or shopping for bargains, they are spying on their neighbours.

Top of the list was Brits' obsession with the weather forecast, which got a 58 per cent vote on the nation's defining traits.

More than half of the people polled said they are the politest nation when it comes to queuing and 48 per cent said sarcasm is the highest form of wit for Brits, according to the survey of 5,000.

It also found that 44 per cent of us never miss their soaps.

And 43 per cent admitted to binge drinking.

They also love the Royal Family and like to have a laugh.

"You can't go anywhere or do anything in Britain without someone talking about the weather. We're almost proud of our rain," the Daily Express quoted the company's rep, as saying.

"But what this poll demonstrates really well is how proud we are to be British," the rep added.