Kerry Katona Warned by Doctor That Her Nipples Would Fall Off If She Continues to Smoke

by Hannah Punitha on Nov 12 2008 7:49 PM

Doctor, who rebuilt Kerry Katona's boobs, has warned the star that her nipples would fall off if she doesn't stop smoking.

Dr Stephen Hamilton, 39, reduced Katona's breasts from size 34GG to 34DD in London.

The television presenter even went for liposuction on her tummy and hips while being filmed for her MTV show called 'Whole Again'.

However, in a rather slurred interview on ITV's 'This Morning' the 28-year-old admitted that she was still smoking.

Thus, Hamilton warned her that smoking would certainly harm her surgery.

"The risk of wound or healing problems with the skin or nipple is a risk for everyone," The Sun quoted her as saying.

She added: "In smokers it can be worse because less oxygen reaches the tissue. I've never seen a nipple turn black and drop off, but it has happened. It's a good scare tactic. I told Kerry."