by Tanya Thomas on  October 21, 2008 at 10:11 AM Lifestyle News
Chocolate is Brits' 'Most Favorite Taste', Champagne Comes at a Sorry 10th
In a survey meant to reveal the most favorite tastes among the Brits, chocolate has reigned supreme. Brits simply cannot resist the cocoa-bean and its myriad concoctions

According to the survey, chocolate appealed most of the Brits' tasting buds - leaving the bacon delight to fall for the second place.

While straight-from-the-oven breads featured at the third spot, roasted lamb and fresh strawberries withheld fourth and fifth positions respectively.

The sixth spot was bagged by freshly-brewed coffee later to be trailed by cheese, mint and fish and chips.

The poll questioned 3,000 Brits who chose champagne as best suited for the 10 spot, reports the Sun.

Jane Ritchie-Smith, of 'EBLEX', who headed the survey, claimed that the findings revealed a fine-dining trend amongst the food-loving Brits.

She said: "Celebrity chefs and TV cookery shows have helped change food trends."

Brits' Top 10 Favorite Tastes are:

1. Chocolates

2. Bacon

3. Breads

4. Roast lamb

5. Strawberries

6. Coffee

7. Cheese

8. Mint

9. Fish and Chips

10. Champagne

Source: ANI

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