'Greasy' Burger Vans of Britain Urged to Offer Healthy Food

by VR Sreeraman on Nov 12 2008 6:46 PM

Greasy roadside burger vans in Britain have been ordered to sell salads and low-fat yogurts alongside usual burgers and grilled sausages as a part of new rules issued by city council.

According to new rules by Guildford Borough Council, the snack vendors have been asked to cut down fried food and mayonnaise, as it is "very high-fat", reports the Daily Express.

Moreover, environmental health officers will inspect menus during routine hygiene checks.

And if traders fail to meet the strict standards, they will be refused a street trader's licence when it comes up for renewal.

The new rules came after the council reviewed its street traders policy for the first time in seven years, and decided that every menu should have at least one healthy option.

A report to the council's licensing committee said: "In accordance with the council's health promotion programme, it is recommended that at least one healthy meal choice be provided for customers."

The report added: "It is important that the use of mayonnaise is limited since this is a very high-fat product. It could be offered to the customer to add himself as a choice."

Clifford Bell, head of environmental health at the council, said vendors should bear in mind "the principles of healthier catering" to "move away from the sole provision of high calories, high-fat fast foods".

However, the move has been heavily condemned, with the critics insisting that the move would prove unpopular with the vans' regular customers and result in wasted food.