The Drug Woes of Britney Spears!

by Hannah Punitha on Sep 24 2007 8:18 PM

Spears’ boy friend Howie Day, whom she met in Promises rehab had sent her further off the rails Tony Barretto said .

He recounted one incident, when Barretto, his colleague and Spears’ friend Alli Sims were desperately trying to get hold of a doctor to detoxify her.

“We could see Britney all red-eyed from crying. Howie was lying in his boxers asleep on the bed. The hotel room was trashed,” he said

"There were half-eaten plates of food everywhere. There were blankets all over the floor, clothes strewn everywhere. The trash was emptied everywhere over the floor.”

"The entire place was littered with empty beer bottles and liquor bottles, small glasses of ice and cigarette butts everywhere.”

"On the surface of the dresser, I could see mounds of white powder and a straw on top. I suspected it was cocaine or powdered methamphetamines.”

"By the side I spotted a glass pipe, which I knew from my drugs training was often used with crystal meth.”

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Britney was completely out of it. We thought she'd overdosed. She was distraught, crying. Her skin was all waxy. She looked so ill.”

"We tried to speak to her. My fellow bodyguard and Alli were so worried they wanted to get hold of a medic to detoxify her. We were panicking.”