Sweden's Treehotel Lets You Live in a UFO-Inspired Room

by Tanya Thomas on Jul 19 2010 10:33 AM

For those always looking out for the offbeat, this might be of interest. A new hotel in Sweden is set to offer its guests the chance to stay in rooms shaped like a UFO, birds nest and a "mirrorcube".
The Treehotel, which is located in the forests of Harads, northern Sweden, with stunning views of the valley of the Lulea River, will feature six uniquely themed Treerooms created by five different architects.

It will have rooms shaped like a UFO, a Cabin, a Blue Cone, a Nest and a Mirrorcube, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The "UFO" room, which is currently being built, will feature round porthole windows, separate levels and four beds.

The "Mirrorcube" is a four metre high and four metre wide glass cube built around a tree trunk and containing a double bed, kitchenette and bath, living room and roof terrace.

The hotel's designers also wanted to minimise any impact on nature. They decided to apply a special film that is visible only to birds to the glass in order to prevent birds colliding with the structure.

The Treehotel is set to open on July 17 and it will be open all year round. In the winter temperatures can plummet to -30 degrees so each room will have an electric under-floor heating system.

The rooms have been constructed from wood and glass and feature an eco-friendly incineration toilet and water efficient hand basin.

They will vary from 15-30 square metres and range from between 4-6 metres from the ground, and the rooms are accessible using a ramp or stairs.

But the experience comes at a price - a night at the Treehotel costs upwards of 540 dollars.


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