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 Students and Working Persons Are Mostly Affected by Dengue
Chairman of Municipal Corporation of Delhi's Medical Relief and Public Health Committee Dr. V.K. Monga said that the most affected segment of population from dengue is students and persons going out for job or business in Delhi.

He said that after compilation and detailed study of dengue patients in Delhi, it comes out that the most affected segment of population is students and persons who go-out for the job or business.

Dr. Monga, in this regard, has appealed to the heads of schools, offices, commercial establishments to take adequate precautions for the sake of the health of their students / employees and to check the incidence of dengue.

A little precaution or preventive measures taken by them could save many precious lives. Those heading the institutions should ensure that the places where the possibilities of mosquito breeding is acute, are thoroughly scanned and dried or treated with anti-larva and anti-mosquito chemicals, he added.

Dr. Monga said that analysis of data of 1000 patients available indicates that out of 1000 patients, 674 were male and 326 female.

The largest number i.e. 758 belongs to the age group 11-40 years of age. It indicates that the people who spent time outside their homes are more prompt to dengue.

Dr. Monga said that about 40 per cent of the patients come from posh area of South, Central and NDMC.

He added that there is an acute need that the people residing in posh areas should take adequate precautions.

Dr. Monga said that the number of female patients is less indicates the cause to be more coverage of body parts with clothes. It could be attributed to the factor that woman go out comparatively lesser then man.

He said that all the patients died due to dengue were below 26 years of age.

He also said that the analysis highlight the need to take adequate precaution in work places.

Source: ANI

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