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 Ruckus Over 1.5-Year-Old Toddler's Death in Gurgaon Hospital
The death of a one-and-a-half year-old baby led to a ruckus at Gurgaon based Aryan Hospital. The toddler, Mayank, was admitted to the hospital following viral fever. He was suspected to be suffering from dengue, and died allegedly due to doctors' negligence, police said.

Mayank's parents said, "Mayank was admitted to Aryan Hospital following high fever on Friday, October 16, 2015. After conducting some tests, the doctors told us that he was suffering from dengue. The baby's condition suddenly deteriorated around Sunday midnight but there was no senior doctor present at the hospital. Even doctors on Monday morning referred the dead boy to another hospital."

The parents alleged that the 'bouncers' of the hospital misbehaved with them in the presence of police.

The hospital authorities said, "The allegations of negligence were baseless."

Assistant Commissioner of Police Hawa Singh said, "No FIR was registered as no written complaint was filed so far."

Gurgaon CMO Ramesh Dhankar said, "Private hospitals have been already banned from listing patients as dengue-hit without a confirmed test report from a government laboratory. It will be inquired into how Aryan Hospital confirmed dengue without an authentic report from a government lab. It would be confirmed only after the test reports whether the toddler was suffering from dengue. The baby had a platelet count of 70,000 and as per medical reports, patients below a platelet count of 10,000 was life-threatening."

Source: IANS

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