Report Says London Olympics 2012 'Greenest Games Ever'

by Sheela Philomena on Aug 13 2012 11:19 AM

 Report Says London Olympics 2012
According to a recent report, the London Olympics 2012 has been declared the greenest Olympics ever.
The independent Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 said recycling and regeneration had been a success at the London Olympics, but claimed that much more could be done to minimise the impact of future Olympic Games on people and the planet.

The BBC quoted Commission chairman Shaun McCarthy, as saying that London had set high standards for future Olympic host cities to follow.

According to the report, previous Olympics have reportedly been criticised for the environmental damage that they caused through waste, construction and transport.

The commission said that sustainability was at the heart of London's bid for the Olympics and the organisers had largely succeeded in achieving it.

The Olympic Park was also praised for regenerating a derelict area and benefiting wildlife, and the commission said it was amazed by the success of public transport.