by Rukmani Krishna on  August 10, 2012 at 4:59 PM Lifestyle News
 London Olympics Gives Boost To Tourism And Retailing
It has been revealed that the London Olympics has given a boost to retailing and tourism in the country.

London Mayor Boris Johnson welcomed the figures showing that tourism and shopping places have seen an increase in number of visitors during the Games.

"This jaw-dropping weekend of outstanding sporting success for Team GB has seen many hundreds of thousands of people travelling to 2012 venues and crowds several deep lining the streets to cheer on Triathlon and Marathon competitors," the Daily Express quoted Johnson, as saying.

People who are avoiding the capital due to the Olympic crowd are visiting the theatres, restaurants and tourist places of London, the paper said.

Retailers across London's Bond Street, Oxford Street and Regent Street said that there has been an increase in sales as there is an increase in the number of people going for shopping over the past few days.

Johnson also announced that London Underground carried more passengers last Friday than on any other day in its history with 4.4 million customers.

There has also been a significant increase in the number of passengers using Tube stations in the capital's West End, with an increase of 27 percent last Saturday night.

"This is testimony to years of meticulous planning and billions of pounds in investment which combined has ensured that athletes, spectators, officials and media are being ferried smoothly to their events," Johnson said.

Source: ANI

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