by Savitha C Muppala on  April 29, 2013 at 11:42 PM Alcohol & Drug Abuse News
Popularity of Synthetic Drugs Amongst Teens in Marlborough
Smoking legal synthetic cannabis drugs has landed many teenagers in Marlborough with bad side-effects like convulsions and racing hearts.

Popularity of synthetic drugs is high among teens and it is during this phase that they begin taking it - the fact that it is legal as well as more potent makes synthetic drugs more appealing to teenagers.

Many of the teens using synthetic drugs experienced a range of problems like racing heart and other side effects which left them pretty much incapacitated for a week.

"I was surprised how many like it, but heaps don't like it. They only smoke it because it's legal and they can smoke where they like and no-one can do anything. There's no quality control - you can have different strength in different batches. It's stupid stuff."

These synthetic drugs are very strong and there was no method to ascertain their potency.

There has been an increase in the use of synthetic highs, particularly K2, and the easy availability of these drugs perhaps has added to its popularity.

Source: Medindia

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