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 Pink Concert Alerts Woman to Her Ballooning Breast Implant
An Aussie woman, who woke up with one breast double the size of the other, said that had she not attended American singer Pink's concert, she would not have known there was a problem with her breast implant.

Cattle station worker Kimberley Koy's breast had ballooned out overnight after a plane trip to Sydney to see Pink perform, and fearing that it might be breast cancer, she immediately visited her doctor.

But at the clinic, Koy came to know that the breast problem had started a week earlier, when she was stabbed in the chest by a runaway cow's horn while working on a Cape York property.

Koy, who has C-cup silicone gel breast implants, had brushed the incident off as the horn did not break her skin or leave a bruise, and was oblivious to the damage it had done to her implant until it popped up after the plane flight.

"When I told the doctor I'd flown she said, 'That makes perfect sense because air pressure forced out the silicone'," quoted her as saying.

"I could have gone years without knowing.

"When I woke up the day after the plane trip it was double the size of my right one ... I thought I had breast cancer.

"If I hadn't have gone to the Pink concert I wouldn't have known my breast was leaking," she said.

Koy said that her breast had since shrunk, but still edged out further than the right one.

"It was like a coconut to an orange; it was bloody weird and incredibly noticeable," she said.

"I just wanted everyone to hear my story because I think it is very funny.

"It felt like one breast had filled up with milk and the other hadn't," she added.

Source: ANI

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