Perfect Matrimony Lies in Separate Bathrooms for Sir Michael Caine!

by Hannah Punitha on Jul 26 2008 5:43 PM

Perfect matrimony lies in separate bathrooms for Sir Michael Caine, who refuses to share his bathroom with his wife Shakira.

Even after 35 years of marriage, The Dark Knight star claims that his secret to marital bliss is always sticking to separate washrooms.

He explains, "Never share a bathroom with a woman. We've always had two bathrooms.

And Caine insists that the same mantra applies when he and Shakira check into a hotel.

"We book into hotels and we ask for two bedrooms and you see them thinking that our marriage is on the rocks, but I'm just trying to get another bathroom," Contactmusic quoted him, as saying.

Caine first spotted his former model wife in a TV advertisement and wooed her thereafter.