by Tanya Thomas on  August 30, 2010 at 10:36 AM Lifestyle News
 Now, Nappies for Your Pet Chickens
Have your chicks become pets? If yes, the chicken nappy is a new must-have accessory for you - it's designed perfectly for a pet that can never really be house-trained but likes to come inside anyway.

A Brisbane-based chicken entrepreneur has developed the nappy, based on a US design and manufactured by a seamstress in The Gap who also makes small walking leads and harnesses for chooks who like to take it that one step further, and cross the road.

The nappies she sells are bought by families who encourage their birds inside to interact or for people in apartments or townhouses who keep birds but have limited space.

"Chickens have become incredibly interactive with people," The Courier Mail quoted Ingrid Dimock, the brain behind the operation City Chicks, as saying.

"When you come home they are looking for you and run up to you. They make really good pets and are really social creatures," she added.

City Chooks developed into a concrete idea because people wanted to take their chickens to the park along with their children.

City Chooks also sells bling for birds, with funky wristbands used to identify birds that stray from the roost.

Source: ANI

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