by Tanya Thomas on  August 3, 2010 at 10:34 AM Lifestyle News
 Pets Make Kitchen Floors Filthy
People with pets seem to have the filthiest kitchen floors, a new study has revealed.

A house with a dog or a cat will typically have bacteria levels almost 20 times higher than the ones without.

Surprisingly, having children in a house- makes only a negligible difference.

Microbiologists at Leeds Metropolitan University swabbed sample areas from kitchen floors and measured bacteria levels.

A couple with no children scored 167 in the study, conducted for Vileda cleaning products, and a couple with children scored 232. But a couple with children and pets scored 2,844.

"Over a whole kitchen floor of average size this would equate to roughly six million bacteria. The levels of bacteria after one week were higher than those you would find on average on pub ­toilet seats." the Daily Express quoted Dr Alan Edmondson as saying.

Bacteria levels in homes with pets were even higher than for a student house.

"This was especially marked in the cases of the married couple with children and pets, where there was a 10,000-fold ­reduction in bacterial contamination after using a clean mop," added Edmondson.

Source: ANI

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