New Steering Device to Help Avoid Accidents Developed

by Sheela Philomena on Sep 18 2013 3:20 PM

 New Steering Device to Help Avoid Accidents Developed
A new type of panic-free steering device developed by an engineer could help avoid accidents. Rene Guerster believes that his proposed technology, 'computer-mediated steering,' already common in engine controls, will enable steering around a suddenly-appearing obstacle without hand-over-hand fumbling.

Guerster's yoke-like device, currently in the concept stage, requires only a quarter turn in either direction from the straight-ahead position, enabling the driver to keep his or her hands in the same position on the device at all times.

A computer would record the degree to which the device is turned, the speed at which it is being turned, and the vehicle speed.

It would determine how far the front wheels should be turned and then turn them via an electric motor, whether the driver is parallel parking, performing a gentle lane-change maneuver at high speed, or turning suddenly to avoid a pedestrian.