by Nancy Needhima on  January 22, 2012 at 11:53 PM General Health News
New Game Corrects Anti-Social Conduct of Using Phone During Dinner
A new 'Phone Stacking' game has been developed that seeks to end the anti-social habit of sitting on the phone while out to dinner.

Also known as Don't Be A D*ik During Meals, the game, developed by Brian Perez, a dancer from San Francisco, has been given the thumbs up by many, striking a chord with Twitter users including Stephen Fry who called it "an excellent idea".

Before sitting down, each guest rids themselves of their mobile and stacks it in a pile with the others.

The first person to crack and reach for their phone has to pay the bill.

"The basic premise is to just get people open to the idea of staying active and attentive to one another," the Herald Sun quoted him as writing on his blog.

"But if someone has to take a call; they have to take a call," he wrote.

While some Twitter users like the idea of phone stacking, others are not much impressed by it.

"I love this new phone stacking trend. Mostly because there's such a pretty good chance that I won't have pay for my meal,' Twitter user @surfwaxmax wrote.

"Yes, Cell Phone Stacking Is Now a Thing: Here's another sign that the world is going up in flames," @keithc1 wrote.

"Ppl always ask why I have two phones? So I never lose at #phonestacking," @springco wrote.

Source: ANI

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