by Nancy Needhima on  January 22, 2012 at 11:54 PM General Health News
Adulthood Hits Only at 25 to Half of Brits
Almost half of youngsters in Britain do not feel grown up until they get to the age of 25, states a new survey.

A third of them do not feel like an adult until they are 26 or more - and a whopping 49 per cent of those who do not feel like a grown-up believe they will never feel like one.

The signs of a nation shirking the roles and responsibilities of adulthood were revealed in a survey for financial specialists Scottish Widows.

But financially Britons are getting a grip. On average 58 per cent feel financially mature by the time they are 26 with first jobs and marriage being the major factors.

"As a nation we appear to be reluctant to take on the roles and responsibilities that adulthood brings and almost putting them off," the Daily Express quoted savings expert Catherine Stewart, of Scottish Widows, as saying.

"In the current economic climate it's hardly surprising that we have all had to adopt a more mature approach to handling our finances," she added.

Source: ANI

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