Naomi Campbell Now Blessed With Fertility, Courtesy “life-saving Operation"

by Tanya Thomas on Sep 16 2008 9:23 AM

Celebrity supermodel and ramp-scorcher Naomi Campbell admits to being endowed with fertility following her recent cyst-removal operation that also saved her life.

The catwalk queen flew to Brazil especially for the emergency surgical procedure, where the doctors treated her damaged fallopian tubes, removing two cysts and curing her infertility.

"I was in pain for all of last year and in February I collapsed on the floor of my house. My girlfriend in Brazil persuaded me to go and see her doctor." quoted Contactmusic Naomi as saying.

"The Brazilian doctors took their tests and said, 'We've got to open you up, you've got two benign tumors, 9cm each."

"One had leaked and caused an infection. Had I stayed with them in there for a further three months, they said I would have been in danger of my life."