More People in UK to Have Option of Ending Their Days at Home

by Rajashri on Jul 17 2008 2:09 PM

Health Secretary Alan Johnson has said that more people in England will have the option of ending their days at home with their families rather than in hospitals as they are investing 300 million pounds for extra community services and nurses.

"The most important objective is to ensure that people's individual needs, their priorities, their preferences for end of life care are identified, they are documented, they are reviewed, they are respected and acted upon wherever possible," Johnson told BBC Radio. "That message has to go out everywhere across the NHS."

He added that some 286 million pounds of funding would be available over the next three years and requested that local health authorities use the funds to provide more palliative care services.

Some 500,000 people who die in England each year do so at hospitals, but over two-thirds would prefer to spend their last days at home with families.