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Marilyn Monroe Threatens to Disfigure Her Face to Avoid Photogs
Late screen siren Marilyn Monroe was so upset with unrelenting photogs that she decided to burn her face with acid to stop them from constantly hounding her.

In a new biography 'Marilyn Monroe: Private And Undisclosed', Bill Pursel, who dated the actress in late 1940s, has revealed that the actress was in tears when called him up from the set of 'Love Happy' to tell him about her alarming vow.

In the new tome, Purse said that the actress had no privacy, and that she was distressed about a few photographers who were rude and demanding.

"She was threatening to throw acid in her face to put a stop to the constant picture-taking. She had no privacy and some of the photographers were rude and demanding," the Mirror quoted Pursel, as saying.

In 1962, the legendary sex symbol died of an overdose of sleeping pills. However, her death has been subjected to speculations and conspiracy theories.

Source: ANI

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